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Our Mission

We're here to make sure you have the best and memorable pregnancy journey possible with the right tools at the most important time.

Our Journey

Baby Doppler is the #1 fetal doppler store online. The Canadian multinational healthcare corporation and world leader in fetal doppler baby heartbeat monitoring devices sells its products through its ecommerce channels and ships fetal dopplers globally. Its flagship product Sonoline B fetal doppler is widely recognized and used worldwide by pregnant mothers. The company has operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, and Australia and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

  • First Model:

    Founders began working on the first beta version model of the doppler
  • Financing:

    Company raised its seed capital
  • Opens Office:

    Baby Doppler opens first office in Toronto, Canada
  • Happy Customers:

    Positive customer reviews started to pour in. Community feedback intensified and went viral
  • Global Expansion:

    Integrated US, European & Australian distribution networks with the ability to ship to over 30 countries with 2-day delivery window
  • Clinical Validation:

    Product used in clinical studies to identify rare fetal heart condition before birth
  • Startup 50 Award:

    Voted as one of top 50 growing startups in Canada
  • Startup 50 Award:

    Voted as one of top 50 growing startups in Canada for second time in a row
  • Mobile App:

    Began developing an iOS and Android APP compatible with the Baby Doppler Fetal Doppler Devices
  • US Government Sponsored Clinical Study

    Baby Doppler chosen to be the device sponsor in a 5-year large-scale clinical research project with a North American wide network of hospitals and universities
  • AI & Machine Learning Algorithm:

    Developing deep learning techniques to improve triaging and predicting abnormalities in fetal heart sounds
  • Our Milestones

Our forward-thinking team is excited about all the new possibilities available with enhanced technology which allows us to continue to provide an elevated pregnancy experience for our customers.


Our Quality

Our Shipping

Our Promise:

Baby Doppler is your local top rated baby heartbeat doppler distributor. Join thousands of soon-to-be parents, and professionals who love our monitors.

Our Quality Guarantee:

Our 100% satisfaction Guarantee is second to none. We guarantee all our products for one year. Our support staff is on standby and they can be reached at anytime.

Our Shipping Guarantee:

At Baby Doppler, we strive to provide the best shipping options to our customers. And that's why we ship to anywhere in the world for free. All other products are always kept in stock and shipped out to you immediately. With our state of the art warehousing and shipping facility, not only do we process your orders in the most time efficient manner, we also ensure the highest quality of service.

Global Warehouses

Baby Doppler ships all over the world with multiple strategic warehouses, and is looking forward to providing the best service. We strive for quick response time to people queries, faster delivery times and above all spreading smiles on expecting parent’s faces when they listen to their baby’s heart beat.